About Us

Founded in  2018, by Kerry Godden.
A designer label that is focused on luxury and class, with its first phase focused on sleepwear/lounge-wear. Cultivated around the belief that all women are beautiful. We aim to deliver products that enhance beauty and class. Kerry Godden is focused on creating garments that are simple, timeless and understated, that makes women feel sexy and empowered while using fabrics that are luxe and soft to the touch. We believe that looking good is as important as feeling good, and our aim is for our garments to give every women, that extra boost of confidence.

At Kerry Godden, we pride ourselves on quality.
Our silhouettes are simple, and timeless but are elevated by the fabric, our fabric is carefully picked, ensuring the garments flow perfectly and feel beautiful on the skin.
Our garments go beyond purely sleepwear, as it lends itself to loungewear as well.
Whilst the garments are made for the bedroom, they are transitional, and depending on personal style, they can be used in both an indoor and outdoor lifestyle.